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Reel In The Clients Of Your Dreams!

Lead generation is one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers. Leave it up to us at Suflex –  to find you the right leads with our extensively optimised ad campaign strategies!

Delivering Results That Are

Our objective is simple- to help your business succeed. With our lead generation services, we will provide you all the access you need to the right clientele and improve your efforts to reach out to more potential customers.

Facebook Lead Ads

A classic method to generating leads, we provide you with a comprehensive set of data so that you can directly get in touch with them and inform them about your business.

LinkedIn Ads

Although, a bit more expensive as compared to other platform, they are bound to perform a few miracles when it comes to B2B companies.

PPC Campaigns

Search campaigns that drive results straight to your website! Partner with Suflex today, to try tour hands at this intuitive and outshining lead generation method.

YouTube Ads

Just the way to go if you want to get some branding done, and put your brand infront of as many people as you possibly can!

What's Our Process Like?

Our dynamic team of digital marketers and creators of course follow a process that we believe yields the maximum results. Well, here’s how we do it!

Conducting Brand & Market Research

We run a thorough analysis of your business and research ongoing market trends. With this information, we choose what sources would generate the maximum number of leads for your business.

Finding the Right Target Audience

Post research, we figure out what the right audience for your brand is. We understand the interests and interests of your potential customers can be and create a target audience.

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Execution & Data Collection

Using the right platform, resources, and approach, we find the right set of leads for you. Additionally, we provide you with data that gives you details of these leads. You will have everything ready at hand.

Why Choose Suflex Media?

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    Frequently Asked Questions!

    How much do I have to spend on ads?

    As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. However, you can start your ads budget as low as 300 rupees per day, if you are just looking to test the waters!

    Can I expect good results?

    For obvious reasons, there is no "fool-proof" marketing plan and we cannot give you a 100% gaurentee on the number of customers that you will get. BUT! We can give you a 100% assurance that you will get a good amount of leads every month - although converting these leads will be up to you or your business development personnel!

    What are your fees like?

    We charge a surprisingly low monthly budget for the first month, so that you may get a taste for the services that we provide, although we switch to a more competitive pricing model from the second month!