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Illuminating One-of-a-kind Explainer Videos

Across all sectors and industries, explainer videos have proven to be a highly efficient way to educate and inform an audience. If you are looking for a place that will create skillful explainer videos, then Suflex has the right solutions for you!

Explainer Video Production Company

One of the most effective ways to interact with an audience about your brand and services is through explainer videos. These videos tell the story about what your business does, how you operate, and how your services and products can add value to a customer or another business.

As an explainer video production company, we at Suflex Media, have understood what it requires to create such videos and have formed a comprehensive team of scriptwriters, video producers, editors, and voiceover artists who cater to businesses that are in need of such services.

Animated Explainer Video Company

Animation is a highly interactive medium that attracts audiences’ attention and has the ability to convey a message with the help of alluring visuals and audio. 

At Suflex Media, we pride ourselves as a one-of-a-kind animated video production company because of our approach to our work. Our creatively charged team of animators develops original illustrations that correspond to your brand’s unique identity.

Whiteboard Animation Services

Another tool that is widely used to produce explainer videos is whiteboard animation. It is one of the most popular formats for such videos and is used by businesses and industries across all sectors.

These videos follow a whiteboard format, making them more relatable to the audience, and the concepts and ideas become easier to understand. 

With our whiteboard animation services, we create videos that are detailed yet crisp and – most importantly – informative yet engaging. 

Videos That

Sure your brand might be awesome? But how does your audience know? With the help of some jaw-dropping, and expertly crafted animated explainer videos of course!

Animated Brand Explainers

Simple and straight-forward. A complete character animated professional brand explainer.

Screencast Videos

Need to give specific information while screen sharing your website, or application? Screecast is here for you.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Great text, perfect visuals, and a whiteboard. Pretty much all you ever needed.

Voice Overs

Just looking for the voice talent? Or want more voice options, well no worries, Suflex has you covered!

How we work

Wondering how our team produces top notch explainer videos? Well, take a look at our process! 

Understanding & Planning

The first step to any project is getting to know the brand better. We do our research and take in your requests for customization and map out a blueprint.

Scripting & Conceptualizing

A thorough, insightful, and engaging script is essential to creating an explainer video - along with some ideation of what exactly each scene should be made up of.

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With a clear concept and script, our creators design, edit and produce the final video that will be detailed in its structure, and appealing in its design.

Here’s what a month looks like at Suflex!

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Why should you come to us for Explainer Video Services?

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    Frequently Asked Questions!

    Can we get the source files?

    No, the source files will not be provided with the video as we use a web-based software that does not provide the source files.

    Can my products be shown in the video?

    Yes, they absolutely can! All you have to do is provide the images of which you require to be shown in the video and we would be more than happy to include them.

    How much do you charge?

    The charges would be dependent upon the type of video you require and the volume. For the best price on your videos it is advised to first get in touch. However, as a rule of thumb including the voice, script, and animation pricing starts at INR 2500 for a duration of 30 seconds.