Social Media Marketing

Want Your Brand's Voice To Be Heard?

Social media marketing is one of the most important methods of increasing customer outreach. Leave it on our expertise and skills to manage your social media; and with our ingenious, out-of-the-box ways, we’ll make sure that your brand gets the spotlight it deserves!

Social Media That Is

Our dedicated team of content creators and social media optimisation experts provide a myriad of services that can help you ramp up your social media presence to the next level. 


We build your community of followers to help ensure that your presence is firmly established and can build an engaged social following for your brand over time.

Lead Generation

Our team will help create a buzz about your brand online, taking advantage of various online advertising tools to drive leads and conversions over time.

Graphic Design

Developing interesting graphics is a must for your social media. We visualize your brand’s values and transform them into engaging creatives.

End-To-End Management

From creating and publishing content to handling all your advertisements on social media, we take care of everything. All you have to do, is focus on your business!

Here's How We Do It!

No project can be started without a proper structure or blueprint. This is precisely why we at Suflex Media, work with you to create a personalized social media marketing plan for your brand.

We Define, Analyze and Understand Your Target Audience

To do this, we first sit down with you to understand what your brand stands for. Then we find the right target audience that can potentially turn into your customers.

We Create a Campaign Unique To Your Brand

Our content and designing resources then work together to dish out some awesome creatives that are congruent to your brand image, such that they can be promoted.

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We Optimize Your Presence With Intelligent Marketing Strategies

This is where the real game begins! We can now use the smart analytics and data that we get to understand consumer behaviour as we tweak our ads to achieve more with the same budget!

Here’s what a month looks like at Suflex!

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Suflex Media
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Suflex Media

Go Suflex, And Never Look Back! Here's Why!

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    Frequently Asked Questions!

    How many leads can we expect?

    Leads are generated though Facebook/Instagram ad campigns. Results of these would vary from industry to industry, and based on your monthly ads budget.

    How many followers can we expect?

    It is very difficult for brands to often gain followers, because users don't connect to logos, but rather connect with people. So, depending on the creatives, reels, stories, and other kind of content that we put out there, we are bound to see results. However, it would be near impossible to guarantee any particular number of followers.

    How much do you charge?

    Our charges depend upon the number of creatives that you need, the number of reels you need, the ad campaigns you run, and other deliveries of which you expect from us. For an exact quotation, it is recommended that you get in touch!