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A Voice For All Your Ideas

Sometimes you need more than just visuals and words. You need a voice! A voice that resonates with your ideas. This is why we, at Suflex, provide quality voiceover services with professional artists who will lend their voice to your work. 

A Voice That Is

We hire talented voice-over artists who have gained expertise working on a myriad of projects in various different industries. We want Suflex to be your one-stop shop for all your voiceover needs. Check out some of our services!


Give your product a powerful voice that sends the right message about your brand and catches people’s attention.


For teaching and training to be impactful, written and visual content needs to be supported by a voice that is assertive and clear.

Audio Books

Add depth to your storyline with artists who understand the nuances of each character and their personality.

Explainer Videos

Make your explainer videos more informative with a voiceover that not only aids the content, but brings out its inner meaning.

A Look Inside Our Workflow!

Whenever we work on a project, we make sure that we give our 110%. We customize and personalize our services according to your requirements. Take a quick look at how we work!

Understanding Client’s Expectations

In order for our voiceover artists to give you the best results, we must first begin with understanding what you’re trying to achieve and any customization that you might need!

Analyzing What Voice Fits The Bill

After figuring out what the purpose of the voiceover is, we find artists who closely fit the role. Then we consider for your suggestions and feedback to select the voice.

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Scripting and Rehearsals

If you have a script ready, then we work with our artists to master it using their skills ; be it intonations, voice modulations, or pronunciation.

Why Choose Us At Suflex Media?

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    Frequently Asked Questions!

    Can we get a foreign accent in our voiceover?

    Yes, this is possible, as most of our voice over artists are native-speakers based abroad, and are super pumped to work with you on your custom requirements!

    Are Voiceovers expensive?

    Well, not with Suflex Media! We pride ourselves in the ability to provide our clients with exceptionally high-quality, value for money services - especially with regards to voiceovers!

    How long do you usually take to complete a voicevover?

    For an average order - a 120 second voice over, we take 2-3 business days. However, this can either increase or decrease, depending upon the length of your script, and the urgency of it.